Forum Boarium

Forum Boarium (86)

The Forum Boarium is an area of ancient Rome located on the left bank of the River Tiber, between the Campidoglio and the Aventino. In its origins the area was where the city market was held. 

In the Forum you can find different temples and monuments. One of them is the Arco di Giano, the function of which was to protect the cattle traders from the rain, where they would shelter in these passageways. The Arch of the Moneychangers, which is also in the area, had the same use. Dedicated to Septimius Severus, its lower part has been concealed by the land level rising over the years.

In this Forum you will also find several examples of republican temples that date from the 2nd century BC. You will see that, despite their age, they are incredibly well preserved. This is mainly due to the fact that they were later consecrated as Christian churches.

Among them all, we would highlight three: the Temple of Portunus, the church of San Giorgio in Velabro and the Temple of Hercules.

The Temple of Portunus is very close to the river and you will see that it has a rectangular ground plan. It was dedicated to Portunus, god of the rivers and ports, and stands out for its four Travertine Ionic columns and twelve half pilasters.

As regards San Giorgio in Velabro, this church was dedicated to George, a Christian martyr from Palestine. Here there is a bell tower, a delightful portico and a fresco attributed to Cavallini.

Finally, visit the Temple of Hercules, dedicated to him for being the God that killed the giant Cacus after the latter had robbed his cattle. If you take into account the fact that you are in an area of traders and cattle raisers, the reason for its construction is blatantly obvious. However, this beautiful circular temple was for a long time called Temple of Vesta, given its similarity to the one in the Roman Forum dedicated to this goddess.  

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