Introduction (2)

Rome has everything: sun at any time of the year, a varied cuisine for all tastes and some of the best artistic and architectural works in the world. Moreover, its inhabitants, while boisterous, are kind and more than used to the tourists.

The city oozes sensuality and relaxation, despite the frequent traffic jams. And the Romans seem to be people capable of enjoying the leisure and pleasures of their city to the utmost. Strolling around, going to restaurants, chatting with a good coffee or enjoying one of its famous ice creams is a veritable ritual for the inhabitants of the eternal city. 

Coming to Rome is coming to visit a massive open-air museum, a grand metropolis of nearly 3 million inhabitants and an old quarter that is the biggest in the world. It is home to the oldest ruins, temples and museums with the most elegant boutiques and most expensive restaurants. 

You are also before a city that is not only the capital of Italy, but also the see of the Christian religion. This means that, above all in summer, Rome is full of both tourists and pilgrims who come to pray or visit the Vatican. 

If this is your first visit to the city, then relax and choose in advance what you want to see. If you do so, you will have more than enough time to see the most important areas and sights. And, above all, enjoy it, because you are in one of the cities with most history in the world. Savour its streets and think about all the things that would have happened in them. And perhaps, just like Goethe, you will end up exclaiming: “Yes, at last I have reached the capital of the world!”.

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