Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

Palazzo Massimo alle Terme (22)

If on your visit to the Italian capital you do not have too much time to visit museums and you must be selective, then without doubt this is the one you should go to. After the Vatican Museums of course.

This is because in the Palazzo Massimo you will find a major part of the collection of the National Museum of Rome. This building was built between 1883 and 1887 by Pope Sixtus V over an old Jesuit college.

The exhibition you can visit here is divided into four floors, and is quite extensive. The ground floor features the massive collection of old Roman coins, which you can see in detail thanks to a mechanical device that works like a magnifying glass. This floor also houses the only mummified child that was found in the old city.

The first floor is where you will perhaps find the most interesting part of the exhibition. Here we recommend you take the guided visit. Among other things, you will see the not-to-be-missed frescos of the Villa Livia. Look at the walls of the dining room of this house, which were decorated with paintings of plants, flowers, fruits and exotic animals. 

Other interesting works that you can see here include the magnificent rooms brought from Villa Farnesina: a children’s room in which white predominates and the adults’ bedroom in red with erotic paintings. 

Do not leave the museum without seeing what the other two floors of the palace offer, where there are interesting sculpture exhibitions arranged by historical period. Among them, we would highlight the Discus Thrower of Lancellotti, the Dionysius and the Reclining Hermaphrodite. 

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