Torre de Don Fabrique

Torre de Don Fabrique (26)

The Torre de Don Fabrique is one of Seville’s most surprising historical buildings. It was the prince, Don Fabrique, son of Ferdinand III, who ordered this fortress to be built in 1252, but his death, at the hands of his brother, Alfonso, resulted in the tower being donated to a female Franciscan order. 

And this is why you will find it inside the Convent of Santa Clara. Even though the tower isn’t always open to the public, if you can, be sure to soak in the amazing views from high above, which are only outdone by the views from the Giralda

Enter through Calle Santa Clara until you reach a courtyard of orange trees with a fountain, and hidden there you’ll find the tower.

There is a magnificent entrance to get inside the building, and on the façade you’ll see that gothic windows have been placed over roman ones. The tower is square and three stories high, built into the battlements.

The Convento de Santa Clara dates back to 1260, although the present building was erected in the 15th century. In addition to its mannerist-styled entrance by Juan de Oviedo, you should pay special attention to the splendid altarpiece carved by Juan Martínez Montañés in 1623. 

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