Fountain of Wealth

Fountain of Wealth (23)

As you have certainly noticed, everything in Singapore is big.

So you won’t be surprised to know that the Fountain of Wealth won the 1988 Guinness World Record for the largest fountain in the world. There is no doubt about it: it is spectacularly huge. Maybe that's why this is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

The fountain occupies an area of almost 1,700 square meters and is 14 meters tall.  It shoots water 30 metres into the air.  As you can see, 4 large inclined columns support a huge ring that is an impressive 21 meters in diameter and 66 in circumference. It is a huge structure that required 85 tons of bronze to complete.

It was built in 1995 and is located exactly in the middle of Suntec City, a large shopping centre designed by Tsao & McKown Architects with a strong Feng Shui influence. In fact, if you can see it from far enough away, the five buildings symbolize the fingers of the left hand and the fountain circle is in the palm of the hand.  Some say it is to symbolize holding all the riches of the world in the palm of your hand.  

In Chinese culture, life-giving water is also a symbol of wealth. So if you let it flow inwards it symbolizes wealth also going inside. Furthermore, the harmonious combination of water and metal set the foundations for success.

Therefore, at certain times of day the fountain stops working so that tourists and locals can stroll around another small fountain in the centre. You need to walk around the fountain clockwise 3 times while continuously touching the water. Try and do this as they say it brings good luck.

If you are in the city for several days, or if you are very interested in Feng Shui, you should do this routine from 4 to 6 am for a minimum of 9 days in a row.  That way luck and wealth will be on your side for a very long time. This is a way of getting the most out of Chi energy, a type of vibration or energy that connects all living things. This might seem like pure fantasy, but this theory is now reinforced by science. It is now believed that the negative ions in moving water increase overall health.

This fountain is even more popular at night for its lovely multimedia laser show.  At this hour, you will see many couples strolling side by side with the tourists. This is in part because this fountain allows you to make musical dedications or write a laser message. You could easily witness an emotional marriage proposal at this very popular spot. 

So whether you are shopping in Suntec City, going out to a restaurant or recharging your good energy, you will surely enjoy your visit to this immense fountain.

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