Gastronomy (1C)

If enjoy discovering local culinary delights when you travel, be sure to try any of these 10 delicious traditional Singaporean dishes.

Let's start with LAKSA. A combination of rice noodles, shrimp and fish balls, served in a rich coconut curry soup. Added to this, a touch of laksa, a herb native to Singapore.

If you want to discover a typical Indonesian and Malaysian dish, choose the NASI PADANG. It could be beef slowly boiled in coconut milk with different spices or assam beef curry, a blend of nineteen spices such as ginger, black pepper, fenugreek, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom.

Or do you prefer the popular and irresistible taste of SATAY? Small skewers of barbecued meat bathed in a sweet peanut and chili sauce.

If you ask for FISH HEAD CURRY be aware that you will be served a complete fish head, cooked in a spicy curry. They say the cheek is usually the sweetest part. Want to try?

For a milder dish, try the BANANA LEAF. From southern India, this delicacy is a mixture of white rice and vegetable curry with a spicy relish, served on a banana leaf.

Another typical Indian dish is the ROTI PRATA. A fried bread stuffed with onion, potatoes or egg and dipped in fish curry or dal curry. Dal curry is made out of lentils. 

Are you brave enough for something a little stronger? Order the CHILI CRAB, crab meat covered with a spicy sweet and sour sauce. It is served with bread rolls, so you can enjoy the sauce until the last drop.

If you are not so brave, you can always choose the CHICKEN RICE. A delicious dish of rice with either cooked or grilled chicken, cut into small pieces.

For dessert, we recommend the chendol. A typical Indonesian delicacy that combines green jelly noodles, sweet beans, brown sugar, coconut milk and ice cream.

Another gem is the sweet KAYA TOAST. A piece of toast spread with a coconut milk and egg jam, perfect for breakfast or a typically local snack.

These are our recommendations.

Just a tip: the best place to taste these local delicacies is in one of Singapore’s many fresh produce markets. And .. Bon appetit!

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