Marina Bay Sands - Casino

Marina Bay Sands - Casino (63)

The casino opens 24 hours a day, occupies 15,000 square metres and is divided into four levels, according to the players' betting levels. It features 20 different games spread over 350+ gaming tables in addition to more than 2300 slot machines.

The first and second levels house most of the gaming tables and slot machines in a spacious, open-plan area that features sophisticated, undulating designs and typically Asian colours such as gold and the intense red of the carpets. This area offers a free non-alcoholic drinks service for players. The area also features three Asian restaurants, two noodle bars specializing in Oriental noodles and a fast-food restaurant featuring typical regional dishes .

The third level houses the Paiza Club, where members are offered exclusive rooms, access to the Paiza Lounge and its exclusive benefits, and a bridge connecting the casino directly with the hotel. But luxury does not end at the Paiza Club. There is a fourth level called The Ruby Room that is even more refined and elitist and to which access is limited to Paiza Club players who bet large sums of money.

And the fact is that Oriental betting levels are generally much higher in the West - they generally spend both more money and more time playing. As a result of this, Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World, the only other casino in the city, have a greater combined annual turnover than all the casinos of Las Vegas together.

Visitors may be surprised by how the Asian customers (the majority in the casino) play, bending, crumpling, marking and mistreating the poor cards. Twisted and useless, the cards are destroyed after a single use. But hey, it's an insignificant expense for the casino. You will also hear see and hear them blowing, huffing and puffing to ward off bad luck. Superstition here is part of the game.

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