National Gallery of Singapore

National Gallery of Singapore (65)

As you can gather from their corresponding audio guides, out of two buildings with a lengthy history, namely City Hall and the Old Supreme Court, a new one was born. Following an extraordinary reform they have been combined to create a new home for art: the National Gallery Singapore.

The project went up for tender by international competition in 2007. The winning design was that presented by the architectural firm Milou in partnership with CPG Consultants, who presented a contemporary architecture that somehow rejuvenated the buildings, maintaining a wonderful balance between heritage and modernity. This balance is present throughout the city.

The project took years of restoration work and even included excavations in which several valuable historical and cultural objects were uncovered, for example part of a statue from the Yuan Dynasty  in the 14th century, or a curious box of English toothpaste from the late 19th century.

Finally, on the 27th November, 2015, the grand opening was held.

The new section is made almost entirely of metal, glass and wood. 

Without a doubt the most spectacular part is the atrium of the two buildings, where you will see how the whole structure is supported by impressive tree-shaped columns, as though you were standing in a large square. The two buildings are connected by walkways. You may also notice that the building not only features the large, green, exterior dome, but also a smaller, interior one covering what was, prior to the restoration, a law library, then a police station, and currently houses material and files that can be accessed by visitors. 

Don't miss out on the beautiful rooftop garden, which offers wonderful views of the city. 

This new temple of art houses the largest public collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia. It includes more than 8000 works from the 19th and 20th centuries, including paintings, sculptures, etchings, photography and video. 

The gallery was also designed to be a regional centre for modern art research, debate and publication.

The permanent exhibition features art from Singapore and includes works by outstanding local artists, particularly from the Nanyang school, the period from 1930 to 1970. 

Special exhibitions designed to feature Southeast Asian artistic heritage are regularly organised in conjunction with international museums.

Do not hesitate to step inside and look around, as another way to live, feel and get to know a city is through its art.

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