Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer (66)

The Singapore Flyer is not just a Ferris wheel, it is, or at least was, THE FERRIS WHEEL. Up until 2014 it was the largest in the world. From 165 metres up it offers extraordinary views of Singapore. And if the weather permits, even of the country's neighbours, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In appearance it is very similar to London's Eye, but the Flyer is 30 metres taller. The Ferris wheel was opened to the public on the 1st of March, 2008, exceeding the Star of Nanchang (in China) in height by 5 metres and robbing it of its number one spot. 

The central wheel of the Singapore Flyer is 150 metres in diameter and has 28 gondolas, each designed to accommodate 28 people. All the gondolas feature a central bench and air conditioning.

It was built under the precepts of Feng Shui, a fact that even led the original direction in which the wheel turned to be reversed in order to bring greater prosperity.

To enter, visitors pass along a lengthy hallway that includes interactive galleries. When not busy, waiting times can be very short, but on busy days you can wait for up to a half an hour.

Once in your gondola, the ride lasts approximately 30 minutes and offers great views of Singapore's main points of interest. If you want to make your ride a little more special you can buy the Premium ticket, which includes champagne, or book a private trip.

In addition to the Ferris wheel, the complex also houses a tropical garden, several cafes and restaurants, a flight simulator, several shops and even a foot spa.

However, if you enjoy Asian flavours we recommend the Singapore Food Trail, a food court designed like a street stand and offering a selection of dishes at very affordable prices.

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