Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore (67)

Ready to delve into the heart of your favourite movies and feel like you are the real star? At Universal Studios Singapore you can do precisely that. The first theme park in Southeast Asia dedicated to Hollywood blockbusters has seven themed areas, each of which has been painstakingly designed and cared for down to the smallest detail.

Located on the island of Sentosa, this franchise of the popular park in Florida does not have the dimensions of Universal Studios Orlando but is equally enjoyable. 

Universal Studios is part of Resorts World Sentosa, a complex of hotels, restaurants and other attractions located on the island of Sentosa, just 10 minutes from the centre of Singapore. 

Opened in March 2010 the Park features 24 attractions, of which 18 were created or adapted especially for the occasion, the others being replicas of classic success stories from Universal Studios in Florida. In addition, the Park houses some 20 shops and around 30 restaurants and fast food establishments, most of which try to bring the United States to Asia, with occasional adaptations to local tastes, for example, a tandoori chicken pizza!

The Park is divided into 7 areas: Hollywood, New York, Sci-fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar.

Hollywood is the gateway to the Park and the area where many of the shops and restaurants are concentrated. One of these is the famous Mel's Drive-In, a 1950's-style fast food emporium. This is also the area where characters such as Woody Woodpecker and Po from Kung Fu Panda appear for photo opportunities.

New York is home to attractions that demonstrate the world of special effects and film and television programme production. Street dancing shows are held during the afternoon.

Sci-fi City (or city of science fiction) is an effort to emulate the city of the future. In this area you will find two of the park's great success stories, the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster, where two lines run parallel as if fighting a duel, and the recently opened The Transformers: The Ride , which was inspired by the film and features spectacular 3D effects.

The Ancient Egypt area is inspired by the Egypt of the 1930s, the golden age of archaeological excavations. This area features a replica of one of the most successful attractions of the Florida park, the Revenge of the Mummy, a roller coaster full of special effects that runs through a confined, dark space.

With décor inspired by the film Jurassic Park, in Lost World you can descend rapids in an environment populated by dinosaurs (Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure), take an aerial trip above the land of these unique inhabitants (Canopy Flyer), or enjoy any of the shows that take place in a specially-designed area that features many aquatic elements inspired by the film Water World.

The land of Shrek, Far Far Away, houses attractions suitable for the whole family. From a gentle roller coaster to a mini Ferris wheel for the little ones. You can also admire the famous Castle of Princess Fiona or sit comfortably and watch the popular 4D film starring the loveable ogre. 

And finally, in Madagascar, you can immerse yourself in the heart of a tropical jungle along with a wide variety of animals that includes lemurs, zebras and giraffes, to name but a few. A faithful recreation of the fantastic world of the film of the same name, "Madagascar: a Crate Adventure" will take you on a boat ride full of special effects, projections and sound effects... and all accompanied by the film's four main characters: Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria. This area also offers a charming roundabout populated with animals and, of course, your favourite Madagascar characters.

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