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Singapore Zoo is one of the world's leading zoos and has been voted the best zoo in Asia on several occasions. From its humble beginnings in 1973 the zoo has been expanded and modernised and is now one of the most respected in Asia. 

With more than 2800 animals of more than 300 different species, the 26 hectares of Singapore Zoo has been praised for its efforts to recreate natural habitats for its animals, many of which are left to roam the park freely. The zoo has been the recipient of numerous awards and is one of the city's most popular attractions.

Have you ever had breakfast among orangutans? Well now's your chance! Get up early and get to the Zoo in time for the Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife programme, a unique experience that is only available here. Orangutans are the symbol of the Singapore Zoo and are given a large open space in which to play and swing among the trees.

But orangutans are not the zoo's only attraction. Visitors also have the opportunity to stroll through a selection of the planet's main ecosystems: from the African savannah to frozen tundra, from the Australian desert to a recreation of Ethiopia's Great Rift Valley, a natural space featuring a community of more than 90 baboons that has won several awards thanks to its faithful reconstruction of their natural habitat. 

Neither should you forget to visit Inuka, the polar bear that was born in captivity here and inhabits the tundra section, an area larger than two basketball courts. Thanks to the underwater viewing area visitors can watch Inuka plunge into the cool waters of the pool or kick back atop the ice floes. And if you visit the African Savannah area you will have the opportunity to meet the first giraffe born in Singapore zoo in 28 years. He was born on the 31st of August, 2015, already measuring 1.90 m. Also be sure not to miss the spectacular white tigers or the pygmy hippos.

Stay tuned to the schedules of the different shows that take place throughout the day - they're well worth it. For example, don't miss the Splash Safari Show, a show starring a sea lion. Or the Elephants at Work and Play Show, starring the zoo's Asian elephants.

If you want to make the most of your visit and would like to share something else with the residents... Take note of the feeding times, when you will be given the opportunity to feed giraffes, monkeys, lions and elephants.

The zoo also features stunning gardens that are home to dozens of varieties of orchids, gingers and heliconia plants with their spectacular flowers. 

While you're strolling around, watch out for the monkeys that live in the trees and are allowed to roam the zoo freely.

And finally, don't miss the opportunity to take the zoo's impressive night-time safari - this is the only zoo in the world to offer this experience.

Find out more. There are many more activities and experiences to be enjoyed in this zoo, one of the best in the world.

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