Palazzo Mocenigo

Palazzo Mocenigo (25)

This palace was originally in Gothic style, but acquired its current appearance after heavy reform work during the 17th century. If it is noteworthy for anything, it is for having been the official residence of one of the most powerful families in the history of Venice, the Mocenigo family, and specifically of the branch that lived in the San Stae district. To give you some idea, between 1414 and 1778, seven members of this family were doges of venice.

In 1945, the last member of this dynasty, Nicolò Mocenigo, gave the palace to the Comune di Venezia specifying that he wanted it to be turned into an art gallery that would complement the functions of the Correr Museum.

Due to the decision in 1985 that the building would house the Museo del Tessuto e del Costume, a study and exhibition centre concerned with analysing and explaining to visitors the history of costumes and textiles, if you approach the Palazzo Mocenigo today you will have the fortune of seeing the lavish aspect that the Venetian palace had in the past, since some parts of the residence have been kept intact since the 18th century in terms of both the furniture an the decoration.

Supplied by the textile collections of the Correr Museum, the Palazzo Grassi and the Guggenheim and Cini collections, in the Palazzo Mocenigo you will be able to see, for example, 18th-century costumes or exquisite tapestries. The museum also possesses a marvellous library specialising in the evolution of fashion and textiles.

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