Zattere (44)

One of the most recommendable activities in Venice is just to stroll around, either losing yourself in its hidden squares or going from jetty to jetty with all time in the world. You can try one of the walks the Venetians enjoy most to the south of the sestiere of Dorsoduro, in the Zattere.

This large jetty, which gives us views of the island of Giudecca, was built at the beginning of the 16th century. As from 1640 and by orders of the dealers Giovanni Valier and Giuseppe Barbarigo, it became the point where all the timber was unloaded, which, cut in the woods of Veneto, was brought down the River Piave to be taken to the city. In fact, the name of Zattere comes from the type of raft, called zattera, by which the timber was transported.

The local population is rarely mistaken, so make the most of the opportunity and devote part of your trip to walking quietly alongside the waters of the Canale della Giudecca. Although the delicious ice creams sold in the local shops are famous, what is an absolute must is that you sit at one of the terraces of the cafés that temptingly place their tables here. 

Whether you feel like a good breakfast or you want to take in the famous Venetian sunset, it is quite clear that this landscape, which, they say, fascinated the North American poet Ezra Pound, will not disappoint you. The coming and going of the boats, the Chiesa del Redentore in the background and the great calm of the jetty is a wonderful experience. To complete it, you can visit the beautiful church of I Gesuati. 

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