The sweetest Vienna

The sweetest Vienna (51)

And yes, the Viennese are cake lovers and can always find time to enjoy a coffee with a delicious piece of cake. Establishments called Konditorei are cafés where you will taste the best pies, cakes, puddings and biscuits because the Sacher is just one of them.

For example you have the apple strudel with apple and raisins or the Dobostorte thin layers of sponge cake alternating with other chocolate cream and caramel topping. Their specialities are based on rich and varied ingredients, cottage cheese, chestnut puree, raspberry jam, peaches, blueberries, almonds, plum compote... Well, I'll have to stop because its making my mouth water and I can't continue.

We recommend:

The DEMEL patisserie

Demel is one of the most famous bakeries in the city of Vienna. Located at Kohlmarkt 14, near the Hofburg palace, the interior is baroque designed by the great Portois & Fix, an Austrian furniture designer and a Belgian interior designer. They also created the interior of the Hotel Sacher, the Imperial Hotel, the interior of the Loos Bar and many other iconic Vienna venues. So you can get an idea of how beautiful this patisserie is. 

This is the quintessential chocolaterie in Vienna. Founded in 1786, it was always the official supplier of pastries to the Empire and the Austro-Hungarian royal court. And that "imperialism" shows in the atmosphere.

If you want to enjoy some of the best chocolates and sweets in the world, served in an atmosphere that takes you back to the era of the imperial court and be treated like an emperor or empress, be sure to go to Demel.

If you are around St. Stephen's Cathedral, one of the emblematic patisseries is Heiner, which has two stores at Wollzeile 9 and Karntner Strasse 21, making life for the Viennese a little sweeter since 1840. On the same street, Karntner Strasse, but at number 15. there is also another famous patisserie, Gerstner, an institution for those who love chocolate, sweetening Vienna for over 160 years; it also has a nice terrace in summer. One of the best bakeries in the district of Hofburg is Lehmann at Graben 12 and around the Neus Rathaus there is Sluka at Rathausplatz 8 wherein they have been preparing delicious cakes and artisanal specialities since 1891 surrounded by a very elite atmosphere.


Aïda Cafés

This is a chain that specialises in coffees and biscuits but the funny thing is that the whole place is pink. The waitresses wear pink shirts and skirts, the logo, printed on all cups and plates, is pink, the boxes of coffee are pink, the menu is pink, the chairs are pink... well, the ideal world for a little girl, the only thing missing is sitting next to Barbie for tea.

Despite this excess of pink, you will be impressed, the coffee they serve is really good as is the variety of cakes and pastries offered. 

There are many Aïda cafés spread throughout the city, perhaps the best known is the one in front of San Esteban's Cathedral.


And of course, the HOTEL SACHER

On the ground floor is the hotel's café, where everyone who wants to can enjoy a typical Viennese coffee accompanied by a piece of Sacher cake, handmade by the hotel's chefs following the secret recipe of the Sacher pastry chef. It is said that the cakes they serve in the Sacher are the best in the world. And if you want to continue enjoying it at home, they have a service that lets you send the Sacher cake anywhere in the world in 48 hours or you can take it away in a wooden box.

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