Mozarthaus Vienna

Mozarthaus Vienna (2)

Number 5, Domgasse houses a museum dedicated to the life and works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The building, previously known as Figarohaus, is renowned for the fact that the composer lived here from September 1784 to April 1787. During this period he composed some of his most celebrated works, among them the opera Le nozze di Figaro. Hence its former name.

The exhibition begins on the third floor and illustrates what the day to day life of Mozart was like during his years in Vienna. Visitors will find evidence, for example, of where he performed and who his friends and most prominent admirers were. The second floor, however, focuses primarily on the operas composed by this musical genius.

The main attraction of the Mozarthaus, however, is undoubtedly the first floor of the building, which is occupied by what is known as the Wiener Wohnung Mozarts, or "Mozart's Vienna Apartment." The apartment, which consists of four large rooms, two smaller rooms and a kitchen, is the only residence of the dozen or so occupied by the composer that is preserved in the Austrian capital today. It is also the most luxurious.

While little remains of the original furnishings, the museum's caretakers have developed a didactic approach that makes the best of this situation. Via a series of information panels, illustrations, models and videos the visitor is invited to exercise their imagination and mentally reproduce what the musician's life may have been like at the time. 

Among the most prominent features of the apartment are a table for board games, which was known to be one of Mozart's favourite pastimes, and a musical clock dating from 1790 whose chimes reproduce the Andante for a waltz on a small barrel-organ,composed by Mozart himself. 

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